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Claims and Complaints


An insurance policy holder who wishes to submit a motor, home or travel claim is invited to visit our offices in Fgura (Head Office) or Birkirkara (Branch Office) and speak to one of our representatives.

Motor Insurance Claims

A motor insurance claim is duly submitted upon presentation of the following documentation to our representative:

  1. A completed front-to-rear form signed by both the driver and the owner of the vehicle involved in the collision.
  2. A police report or a warden report notification.
  3. The driving licence of the driver involved in the collision.
  4. A valid insurance certificate pertaining to the vehicle involved in the collision.
  5. If applicable, the payment of the access which is determined by the company’s representative upon receipt of the insurance certificate.

It is to be noted that both the driver and the owner of the vehicle involved in the collision have to be present during the submission of the motor insurance claim.

Home and Travel Insurance Claims

In addition to a motor insurance claim, a claimant may also submit a home or travel insurance claim at our offices. The procedure in this regard varies in terms of the documentation that ought to be submitted by the claimant.

A home insurance claim may inter alia relate to theft and/or damage to property due to fire and floods.

On the other hand, a travel insurance claim may inter alia relate to damage and/or theft to baggage and health expenses pertaining to injuries sustained abroad.

In the case of a home or travel insurance claim, the claimant is invited to visit our offices and speak to one of our representatives who will assist the claimant in this regard. At such a meeting, our representative will guide the claimant according to the basis of his claim and will provide the claimant with a list of documentation that ought to be presented for the submission of a home or travel insurance claim.

Pursuant to receipt of the requested documentation, the company’s representative will submit an insurance claim through the respective channels, either manually or electronically, depending on the insurance policy concerned.

Our representative would then endeavour to keep the claimant abreast and fully aware of any developments in relation to his claim, up until the final determination, through the claimant’s preferred means of communication.


  1. We endeavor at all times to provide the highest possible levels of service to our clients. However, should anyone have a complaint about any aspect of our service, it would be ideal if such complaint is lodged through one of the below channels so that our Complaint Handler, namely Mr Paul Buttigieg whose contact number is (+356) 21690935, can take action without delay:
    1. Manually: Submission of a Complaint Form at our offices in Fgura (Head Office) or Birkirkara (Branch Office);
    2. Electronically: Lodging a complaint using the Complaint Form below.

    All written complaints will be acknowledgement if in writing by us within five (5) working days of receipt and you will be informed when to expect our response following your complaint submission. Following an investigation of your complaint, we will try to provide you with a final response within fifteen (15) working days. Where this is not possible, we shall be informing you with the cause of the delay and provide an indication as to when the investigation is likely to be completed.

    During this time, we will discuss your complaint with your insurer, when the complaint relates to the insured risk and revert with a decision. If in the event you are still unsatisfied with the decision, you have a right to take your complaint further to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services through:

    Telephone: (+356) 21249245

    Freephone: 80072366 (free for landline calls only).

    Email: complaint.info@financialarbiter.org.mt

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